Mile High Club New Announcement

Thank you for visiting our website.  Mile High Club is a new website established to connect business owners with business owners who can share ideas, business models, marketing, and production.

Our goal is to bring a platform where business owners can feel comfortable  sharing ideas with one another to help everyone run a successful business and save from old marketing tactics that don’t work anymore.

We will showcase businesses that have shared their marketing tactics with us and how it has affected their business.  For example, let’s briefly look at this local bounce house rental Duncanville company known as Dallas Jumps.

Dallas Jumps is a local bounce house company based in Dallas, TX that specializes in renting bounce houses for parties, carnivals, and any other special events.  They basically provide the entertainment by providing more that just bounce houses.  They bring tables, chairs, water slides, margarita machines, mechanical bulls, and more.

The business opened up in 2009, but it wasn’t until 2 years later when it really took off.  Dallas Jumps focused more on their SEO and they keywords that people were actually searching for.  Once they reached the top 3 position for most of their keywords, business exploded.  They actually had to turn down customers because they were completely booked.  Their main keyword: bounce house rental dallas, had them booked weekend after weekend.  “When we saw that our keywords were on the 1st page of Google, we didn’t know what to expect.  Within the first week we began to see our websites traffic go up and the phone began to ring more often.”  said the business owner.  “That’s when we knew it was something special, and focused more on our online presence”.

In the next 4 years, Dallas Jumps would grow from 2 bounce houses to 20 bounce houses and sales over 100k a year.  The business owner now focuses 80% of his marketing on Google and making sure his website is up to par and keywords are on the top 3 positions of Google.


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